SCADA Services

Blackrock Automation offers a number of SCADA Platform services.

SCADA benefits


Easy to use design with Alarm and Events, Navigation, and High performance graphics.


Data collections, redundant designs, historical data logging, scalable, alarm notifications, secured with privileges for read/write privilege.

3rd Party Connectivity

Using ODBC, OPC (both client and server), Web services for integration into accounting and productions software and other means of reporting.


Low cost, intuitive SCADA platform for operational excellence. Easy to navigate, fully integrated SCADA platform with custom reporting, alarm notification and a secure connection to the application as long as you have internet. The application is designed and developed for the operator to allow for smooth, safe control. The Anywhere client is consistent from mobile to tablet to computer and is accessible from any HTML browser using TLS military grade protection.
Blackrock will go the extra mile to determine which platform best fits the specific design. We will even share case studies as well as platform comparisons which include studies for year-over-year costs. These costs are generated by executing SCADA gap analysis on existing systems.

Customized Solutions

for your application