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If a product is not listed below, we will get the proper person into training and work with you to meet/exceed your needs and schedule. In Addition to working with some amazing Product Vendors, Blackrock has created some of our very own.

Blackrock Ticketing System (BTS)

This is a fully customizable system for custody transfer of liquids via rail and truck. The system can be integrated with numerous RTU and measurement devices and has the ability to print local tickets, email tickets and connect to production accounting systems with OPC and/or ODBC connections. We have also included an import/export tool to do mass import/export for the well database.  This is particular handy to do mass imports for lab densities when dealing with hundreds of wells. Pricing is competitive and available upon request. Delivery is typically 4-6 weeks.

Blackrock Compression

At the request of our clients we have been developing various platforms of compressor panels that allow for templated packages as well as one off packages built off of templates. Gas measurement, SCADA and remote access can be fully integrated into these systems with ease. There is a variety of platforms to choose from to facilitate incorporation into plants or simple preference for stand alone systems. Pricing is platform and requirement specific but is competitive and available upon request. Delivery is platform specific but typically 7-8 weeks.

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