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Endorsement: Brian Goodfellow – VP of Production and Operations, Venturion Oil Limited

"For over eight years Venturion Natural Resources Limited, which was sold in 2011 and is currently Venturion Oil Limited, has utilized Kevin Heller and Blackrock Automation for its electrical and instrumentation engineering and design requirements. Venturion’s relationship with Blackrock has resulted in high quality electrical and instrumentation at its oil and gas facilities, installed in a timely, cost effective manner."  

Endorsement: Tyler Homan – VP Production, Teine Energy

"Blackrock Automation has been providing Teine Energy with SCADA design, implementation and support for over four years. Blackrock has consistently demonstrated its technical expertise as it relates to automation design, PLC programming and SCADA. Given his outstanding performance with Teine Energy I would recommend Blackrock Automation to any company requiring their services."

Endorsement: David Anderson – Sr. VP, Hammerhead Resources

"Blackrock Automation Ltd. has been providing CIOC with PLC, HMI, RTU and SCADA design integration and support since early 2015. Blackrock was initially brought into an existing project as an automation service provider to trouble shoot and finalize issues with a control system. Based on their success, their scope of work was expanded to upgrading our company with a new SCADA platform for local control as well as full SCADA functionality...I would recommend Blackrock Automation Ltd. to any company requiring their services."...

SCADA Host Simulation

Want to see what SCADA is all about? We're happy to set you up with a simulation of the Blackrock SCADA Host environment! Click below to be redirected.  

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